Improvement Clinics

Driver Improvement Headline image.

Reasons to take an improvement clinic:

  • Volunteer
  • Court Directed
  • DMV Directed
  • Insurance Company Directed
  • Job Requirement

Contact us using the information below to register prior to attending either the Driver improvement or CDL improvement course.

Classes are held every other Sunday from 8:00a.m. – 4:30p.m.

Too early for you? Groups of 10 students or more may apply for flexible hours with prior notice, so long as eight hours are allowed for instruction.

A certificate of course completion will be given at the end of class. Complete the class and earn 5 (five) safe driving points!

Benefits of completing the driver improvement course:

  • Experienced drivers can become complacent over time. This course provides the opportunity to review the basics and update yourself on traffic pattern changes.
  • Our program is Automobile Association of America (AAA) approved.
  • The DMV awards five points for completion of driver improvement classes, limited to a two-year period. (Please refer to the moving violation and point assessment paper from the DMV website.)
  • Completion of driver improvement class may reduce your insurance rate.
  • Some employers will not hire workers with negative points on their driving record.
  • The Virginia Court System may recognize the efforts of those who have completed driver improvement classes.

Classes held every other Sunday. Clinic price 65$.